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There are hotels and hostels in Khabarovsk that suit every taste and budget. Experienced travelers recommend choosing a hotel in the area you are going to visit most often, so you can save time and money on transportation. However, even if the hotel is located in a remote area, you can always use public transport services - the city has developed public transportation infrastructure with highly connected networks.

You can check the exact location of all hotels and hostels on the map on the main page, as well as read more detailed description and contact information of the hotel you like in the "Guide" section.

The number of stars of the hotel shows the quality of service: most hotels in Khabarovsk have been accredited (from "without stars" to 5 stars). The higher the star rating, the wider the range of services the hotel provides, such as beauty salons, gyms, spas, cafes, restaurants and transfer service.


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