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We bring to your attention the popular places of Khabarovsk that you need to have time to visit if the allotted time in the city is less than a day.

1.Khabarovsk Circus


Mobile circus-shapito in Khabarovsk worked since the beginning of XX century. From 1930s till the end of 1950s the circus-shapito was located near Lenin Square. With the beginning of construction of the main building of Khabarovsk Medical Institute, the circus moved to Leo Tolstoy Street (intersection with Amursky Boulevard).

The new building of the Khabarovsk Circus for 1300 seats was built in 2001 in Yuri Gagarin Park.

In 1950s a park was built in the Industrial district of Khabarovsk. Yuri Gagarin, during his visit to the Far East, planted a Kuril larch in the park. Later on, the park was named after the first cosmonaut. The circus building was built near historical tree. The park named after Yuri Gagarin was reconstructed especially for children (rides, children's cafes were constructed in it).

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  • 102 Krasnorechenskaya St., Khabarovsk

2.Dynamo park


Famous to the citizens, Dynamo Park became the second park created in the city. More than 40 species of woody plants and 25 species of shrubs grow in the park. The most valuable species of them: Mongolian oak, Daurian birch and flat-leaved, Amur linden, Manchurian walnut, ordinary pine, Korean pine, larch, Amur mountain ash and many others.

The territory of the park includes zones of active and even extreme recreation - a stadium, tennis courts, a skate park, cooing area, there are also many zones for a quiet, secluded relaxation, all the paths of the park lead to city ponds with a cascade of singing fountains and a walking area.

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  • Khabarovsk, ul.Lva Tolstoy, 2

3.Gagarin park


Park them. Yu. A. Gagarin in Khabarovsk was laid down on May 29, 1962, on the day when the first cosmonaut of planet Earth visited the city. Gagarin planted the Kuril larch here, which became a symbolic beginning of the park’s history and sets the theme of “Cosmos” in our time.

In 2014, a large-scale reconstruction of the park began, which will be completed in 2020. Particular attention is paid to the restoration of green spaces. The trees were not only maximally preserved, but also trees and shrubs were planted additionally, which allowed to diversify their species composition. These are blooming ones - wild apricot, pears, linden; coniferous - spruce, fir; also mountain ash, maple, aspen and ash, coniferous bushes - juniper are planted.

The park is perfect for cycling along paths that are interwoven with pedestrian paths located between trees.

As part of the reconstruction, the “Multifunctional Center of the Gagarin Park in the Industrial District” is being built on the territory of the park, which will house a cafe, a cinema, halls with slot machines. Also in close proximity to the park is the Khabarovsk State Circus.

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4.Entertainment complex "Harlequin"


Five floors of the game complex are divided into thematic zones, playgrounds, attractions and areas for costume shows.
• "Ninja Park";
• Science Center;
• "Castle with ghosts";
• Labyrinths;
• Children's city of professions "Madagascar baby";
• Attractions of varying difficulty 0+;
• Contact zoo "Zoomir";
• Sensor room "Magium";
• Children's bowling;
• Cafe "Through the Looking Glass" and "Enotobar";
• Room of illusions "Illusion";
• 6D and 9D rides;
• Shops with souvenirs and gifts;
• Children's hairdresser "Harlequin";
• Climbing wall;
• Organization and holding of children's birthdays.
• Pirate island

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  • Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, ul. Leo Tolstoy, 2
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5.Children's Park Named after A.P. Gaidar


Children's Park named after A.P.Gaidar in Khabarovsk is one of the oldest parks in the city. Established in 1909 for the Society for Physical Development of Children, it remains one of the most popular recreation areas for citizens.

It has been officially called "Khabarovsk City Recreation Park" since July 2010 , but locals habitually call it the Children's Park, though the only thing that has survived from the Soviet times is the monument to Arkady Petrovich Gaidar, made in red granite.

Today the park has a variety of children's attractions: inflatable slides and trampolines, swings, electric cars and carousels. There are bright figures of favorite fairytale heroes along the alleys. The entertainment center "Harlequin" is especially popular. There are also slot machines, and children's bowling, and touch-screen interactive room "Magium", and playgrounds on its two floors. It is a center for children of all ages and their parents.

  • 2 Leo Tolstoy St., Khabarovsk